Foot Rest Airplane Portable Travel Footrest from Japan Premium Flight Carry-on Travel Accessories foot hammock (1. Premium Black(stripe))


Product Description

  • This product was published on the Japanese magazine “Nikkei Business” on 4/17/2017
  • 1. NEW Stripe Design Footrest 】We have new item it’s called “Premium Travel Footrest” for airplane and bullet train. This NEW elegant stripe design is for all women and men. Enjoy true relaxing trip. We have what you need!
  • 2. Reversible and easy to clean material 】The inside is velvet liner and fluffy soft touch for your feet. The outside is durable waterproof fabric that easy to clean for dirt from shoes.
  • 3. Polypropylene Support Inserts 】These 5 inserts will support your feet on the flat surface. Strong support yet, it is very light-weight and small size.
  • 4. Easy to use! Just hang it to the bracket of the tray table. 】This product was made for airplane or bullet train. 1.Hang the footrest to the bracket of the tray table. 2.Easy Adjustable belt for the perfect length.