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During these crazy times of the coronavirus outbreak many hotels are closed. No one can say how long this will be, but there comes a time when everything will be back to normal. When this will be the case we will travel and stay in hotels again.

Worldwide there are around 700.000 hotels/motels/resorts. Research estimates more then 17.5 million rooms. Even though they specialize in hospitality, hotels aren’t always perfect. Tons of things can go wrong from stale food to room mix-ups, to lousy service. To help hotel companies improve, it’s important to complain about hotels when problems arise.

However, whether the problem is resolved depends on how effectively you issue the complaint.

Don’t know how?

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled some tips to keep in mind when you’re complaining about hotels. These tips will help you process your hotel complaint faster and reach a solution.


Where Should You Complain About Hotels?

Firstly, you have to decide where you’re going to complain. This largely depends on how big the problem is.

For example; if it’s something minor like bad food, you can simply resolve the complaint within the hotel. However, if it’s a major complaint or they just won’t listen, you can take it up with outside resources. No one likes to sleep in a dirty room or swim in a pool with too much bacteria. Situations like this are not only uncomfortable, they can even be dangerous. With a complaint, we can at least try to make a change.

Effective Hotel Complaint

In any case, here are your options:

The Front Desk/Hotel Manager

Undoubtedly, going to the front desk should be your first step. Most front desks are very helpful in facilitating complaints. Most of them are even trained how to handle complaints.

Similarly, the hotel manager is also likely to take your complaint seriously. If you’re complaining about the hotel facilities, these are your go-to people.

Social Media

However, if your complaint has to do with the management itself, you can use social media to make yourself heard.

Lots of hotels have social media pages, which are frequented by potential customers. If you put up a complaint there, their corporate customer service will often contact you. Don’t be ashamed to do this.

Complaint platforms

Alternatively, you can call on third-parties like reaches out to organizations on your behalf to ensure your complaint is taken seriously. They will also give your complaint attention on their website and social media.

All you have to do is fill out your details, hotel information, and specify your complaint. It’s straightforward and convenient. The chance of a resolved complaint will improve drastically.

Tips to Make an Effective Hotel Complaint

Complaint platforms

Now that you know where you’re going to complain, how do you make it more effective? First and foremost, regardless of how bad the problem is, it’s best to keep calm.

This is true for any complaint. People always hear you better when you talk rationally rather than angrily.

Other than that, you should:

Be Specific

Always add details of what happened and why was it such a problem. Let’s say you’re complaining about a staff member. Specify their appearance, name, and designation (if you know it).

Even websites like ask you to be specific about the complaint.

Be Timely

Time is of the essence when you’re issuing complaints. Therefore, regardless of how upset you are, it’s important to complain promptly.

Otherwise, your complaint is likely to lose relevance and priority for the hotel. Don’t wait more than one week.

Be Patient Yet Persistent

As mentioned, you must remain calm and patient through the complaining process. However, this doesn’t mean that you should let them off easy.

If your complaint is justified, be persistent until everything’s resolved. In that way, the hotel won’t make the same mistake twice.


Hotels are the heart of the service industry. Consequently, if they go wrong somewhere, it’s important to point it out. Good hotels understand that even in the best hotels sometimes things go wrong. More important is how customer service will deal with these situations. In many cases just a good conversation, and maybe a small gesture of goodwill, is enough to turn an angry visitor into a happy advocate who might even come back.

Staying silent won’t fix the problem, so make sure to complain, albeit effectively. With these pointers, your problem will be fixed in no time. We hope you found this article helpful.

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