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People often ask – how can you possibly lose weight while travelling abroad? Let’s take a step back and assess our diet culture in North America.

The year is 2020. In case you haven’t noticed, the future is officially here and so is how foods are processed around the world! The more society advances, the more difficult it is to maintain an optimal weight. The more technologically advanced society becomes, the further we get away from foods that mother nature intended for us to eat.

Fortunately, thanks to human ingenuity, we are now able to feed more people on Earth but not so fortunately, processed foods also lead to weight gain and potentially a host of other health concerns. Naturally we had to engage an expert on this subject or more specifically, Scott Everson, the owner of Busy Bee Fitness Experts.

He provided us with some eating tips on how we can lose some weight and maintain optimal health with a natural supplement free paleo-based diet on the road.


A Low Acid Diet Leads To Weight Loss and Better Health

A little more than half of North Americans suffer from acid reflux or some other chronic digestive issues. What does this have to do with keeping weight off while travelling?

Well, quite a lot, actually! Some of the reason for our digestive issues that is that our foods contain acid and a lot of it. Even if packaged foods don’t contain processed foods, they contain preservatives like lemon juice concentrate or ascorbic acid.

This erodes your stomach lining and in your esophagus. Also, most fruits have a high acid content, whereas, most vegetables reduce acid.

There are many publications online that can help guide you on low-acid foods. The trick is to look for alkaline foods with a PH higher than 5, anything less than that would be acidic. 

Don’t believe the myth that lemon water and apple cider vinegar are good for reflux, it’s simply a myth and they actually will make symptoms much worse.

 Furthermore, following the Acid Watcher diet has proven to be beneficial in assisting weight loss. On average, a person with a healthier digestive system is more than 70 percent more likely to be at a healthy weight.

Exercise On A Regular Basis

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Working out can be easy to do from anywhere. There are plenty of options for cardiovascular fitness and strength training using your bodyweight.

Exercising regularly will obviously be important but we must decipher what will assist with weight loss and what doesn’t. Strength and weight training on a regular basis will boost your metabolism and help you burn calories even at rest.

Working compound (large muscles groups) exercises will be essential in giving you the metabolic boost you’ll need to lose weight properly and keep it off over the long-term.

You don’t even need to spend countless of hours exercising at the gym. Anaerobic training has actually been proven in many studies to be more beneficial than long-winded aerobic workouts.

Signing up for personal training has also shown to improve efficiency in getting results in a safe and effective way. 

Try Probiotics and Nourish Them

A great deal of research on gut health and probiotics has been done in the last decade and the results are astounding as to how much or a role it plays in our complete health.

In a society that is so heavily reliant on antibiotics, these powerful and dangerous drugs are over prescribed and destroy colonies of gut flora that are essential to our health.

Studies also show that antibiotics can lead to the creation of allergies and asthma down the road.

Gut flora affects our mood, cognitive function, digestive health, and our energy levels. 

Prebiotics are a type of fiber that feed friendly bacteria in your gut. They basically nourish the good probiotics and provide many benefits including immune function and assist in weight management. When you alter your gut flora, you change your genetic makeup.

Write Down Your Goals

When Moses unveiled the ten commandments, he wrote them in stone. Writing down your goals is the best way to organize your goals and make them come true.

Self-authoring has proven to work. Write down your life story in a forward-thinking manner, from your successes to anything you wish to achieve. Start by writing down your fundamental goals and write down the stepping-stone goals you have that will lead you to achieving the overarching ones.

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This will require an analysis not only as to what you want that will improve your life but also what you can do without. Most of the time, simplification is the predominant factor in improving our overall well-being. Scott Everson has contributed to many personal training and fitness related blogs across North America. He is the current owner of Busy Bee Fitness Experts personal trainer Toronto and works with celebrities and high-profile athletes on strength, injury and fitness coaching.

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