Airbnb Coupon Code – Get $34 Off On Your 1st Booking

airbnb coupon code

If you love to travel you will find this article very intriguing. I will tell you how you can save $34 on your first trip with airbnb coupon code.


The article will give everyone who loves to travel a wide variety of extravagant or cheap accommodation, but airbnb does also offer both combined as well. There’s also a bit of uniqueness to the whole experience. For those who wish to have a bit more intimate experience, with the airbnb accommodations you can have just that, there are accommodation providers that offer rooms in their own apartments or houses and are really opened to give you information on their city and it’s charms, this way you have the opportunity to experience their city from their own outlook.

There’s also opportunity for all those who are owners of homes with potential accommodations and would like to become a part of the airbnb’s offer, and with that add an additional source of income to your existing one.

Airbnb promo code is one every new customer can claim, everyone who signs up for a free account at However Airbnb $34 coupon is for new customers only!

You can claim your airbnb travel credit here, if you just click the link below the article, or read the rest of the article for some more useful information and click the link after you are done.

If you love to travel! is a site where you can find accommodation in 192 countries in more than 34000 cities. Prices go from $10 per night for renting a room up to $1000 per night for renting a House or Villa just for yourself. But in general you can get an apartment for a very decent price in the center of the city of your destination.

I find Airbnb accommodations great because you can find remarkable places where you can stay. For example you can stay in a tree house, remarkable and amazing bamboo house, boat house etc. You cannot even imagine what else you can find.

All you have to do is pick a travel destinations find the best accommodation off of the airbnb website that suits you and book it. Than all you have to do is you have to start packing for the trip.

Who offers accommodations on Airbnb?

Hosts of accommodation on Airbnb website are mostly individuals with extra rooms in their house or apartment or house owners who have their accommodations available for people from all over the world.

How to sign up for free and get airbnb discount code?

Let’s go step by step. If you are not already registered you can sign up with airbnb now, for free by clicking here and claim your $34 with our airbnb referral code which can be used on your first booking of your choice with airbnb.

It will take only 1 minute of your time to sign up for airbnb account. There are 3 different options for you to choose from to register. One of the options is to sign up with your e-mail address. The other two options are faster and easier, one of them is signing up with your Facebook account and the other one is signing up with Google account.

It is up to you which one you choose. Now as we proceed, let’s say by now you must have an account and you are on board.

So now that you have airbnb travel credit you can book your trip and this credit will be automatically deducted from your airbnb credit and your $34 bonus will be included in your final price.

How to find a suitable accommodation on Airbnb?

Once you have your profile, you can start searching for remarkable places for your next trip to unknown.

Let’s say you want to travel to Paris . Put all the info into the search box on first page of airbnb. So let’s do it together, in the box next to the question »Where do you want to go?« write the chosen destination; Paris, than choose »Check in date«, »Check out date« and the number of guests and hit search.

Now the next step takes you to the places for the search you have chosen. Narrow your selection by selecting the type of accommodation (entire place, private room, shared room). Determine price range and other options with »more filter« where you can choose Amenities, Property Type and more.

To your big help there is a map on the left side of the page where you will see all the places for the area you have search it (in our case Paris). I find this map useful when you are searching for a place that has to be close to the beach or the center of the city for instance or some other place you would like to be close to.

How to book a stay with Airbnb?

There is over 800,000 unique listings around the world, so you want to make sure you pick the right place for you. Pick a comfortable and memorable trip.

Before booking a place I suggest you Review amenities and House Rules. Be careful because no two listings are alike, different hosts have different rules, there’s also different culture in play so it is a smart topic to look into, the most important would probably be whether or not a host allows pets or smoking in their home, but as I said different people different rules.

It is important to read all the reviews / feedbacks from other travelers who have already been in a place where you want to book, this way you will get hones insight about what to expect from your stay.

Another way to get more info is to contact the host directly and ask him any questions you might have about their accommodation. If you are planning to book a place for a longer period of time why not ask them if they can give you some discounts.

Now once you have found a perfect place and perfect host just go ahead and BOOK IT.

There are several options you can book a place with Airbnb. Oh and do not forget we still have coupon code for airbnb which will give you $34 on your first booking.

As you can read on Airbnb’s official website there’s also two different options of how you can book a place.

Instant booking

This is the first option, and it’s for hosts who don’t want to approve each reservation separately, you will recognize it by seeing a button on their listing that says Instant Book. Like the name suggests, you can confirm a reservation at these places right away:

  1. Enter your arrival and departure dates, and number of guests
  2. Click Instant Book on the right side of your screen
  3. Enter your payment details and write an optional message to introduce yourself to the host
  4. When you’re ready to confirm and pay, click Book Now

You’ll receive a confirmation email with your trip itinerary and billing details.

Request to Book

Now the second way to book is to request the booking prior your payment. Many hosts prefer to approve reservations before they are final. In this case, you’ll see a button on their listing that says Request to Book. To submit a reservation request, you’ll need to enter your payment details. Hosts have 24 hours to accept your request, and your reservation is automatically confirmed once they do.

  1. From the listing’s page, choose your travel dates and number of guests
  2. Click Request to Book
  3. Enter your payment details, and write an optional message to your host
  4. Click Book now

Your host will have 24 hours to respond, and the total reservation amount will be charged when they accept. You won’t be charged if the host declines or doesn’t respond.

One thing that is important to tell is also until you do not book a place you actually do not see host’s contact information. As soon as you book you will get all the information about the host (address, phone, email) and with that you may contact them and get some additional information such as what is the best way to get to their place, such as if you arrive with airplane and need to get from airport to your accommodation, they usually can give you a good advice on that, especially if you prefer to not spend too much money on your transportation.


For those willing to become a host with, read the section»How you can earn extra money with renting your place«.


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